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Ensuring that your particular premises has the correct access control is critical. With reference to your certain requirements, the access control system(s) need to match your requirements in order to ensure reliability and for such services to be cost-effective and extremely easy to use for everybody who may come into contact with such access control.

We deal with our access control services with much care and safety, ensuring expertise and professional fitting is carried out for our customers' premises. In this way, you can freely and fuly control who enters your premises and how they get around your premises. This will righteously ensure they are in the designated space(s) as assigned, and are as safe and secure as possible.

We currently only offer two main access control systems. These include:

 Standalone Access Control Systems:

These sytems ensure that each door is programmed and dealt with individually. Please note that these systems are usually used for small-sized premises.


Computer-Based Access Control Systems or Network Access Control:

These systems are, in contrast to standalone access control systems, used for larger-sized premises. These systems control thousands of doors where all control is comes from one main computer system which deals with the access and update aspects of all doors in your premises. It is useful knowing that these systems can grant different access levels for different groups of users or individual users - they are great in flexibility.


Please note that we do provide proximity entry, code entry and biometric entry access control systems too. Please contact us if you have any questions on such detail.


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