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Our CCTV systems are uniquely built and designed as well as include a special recording feature which allows you to play back all events and save the tape. Our security systems are all of very high quality, ensuring you to prevent criminals from entering your property and not letting any criminal event perfromed by burglars get away with it.

Our systems have the ability to be networked on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop or computer - this is called remote access viewing, where you can see your premises no matter where you are in the world with an internet connection. Ultimately, you wpuld be able to control what is happening to your premises whilst you are currently away from home - as if you were really at home. We are also able to upgrade your current CCTV's according to your specifications.

The usual types of CCTV's we have include:

High Definition CCTV:

Our High Definition CCTV's enable extremely clear and detailed graphics and multimedia. Such aspects are crucial for good video security.


Remote Monitored:

As mentioned above, we can install a system with remote access monitoring with very much ease. If you happen to be away from your premises, your security system will regardless still be inspected with high awareness. If there is any suspicion(s), you will be infomred as soon as possible and there is any trouble, the event will be handled with serious urgency.


A.N.P.R Security Cameras:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras instantly and automatically detects the number plate of an anyone who enters and exits your premises. In this way, you can easily monitor the events that occur and who is it coming from.



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