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  Emergency lighting is battery-powered lighting energy that behaves in a way that is visible and active when the power is switched on, and will illuminate when the power is switched off or has been cut off. Premises with large landscales are the type who need emergency lights simply because people inside such buildings require to find their way around and out of a building in a safe and quick manner.

Please note that emergency lighting regulations have existed in England since 2005 which means that all new and large buildings require the need of correct emergency lighting, whilst for older buildings and buildings that have been running for some time now must retro-fit emergency lighting all to ensure that the premises is as safe as possible.

We offer three types of emergency lighting which our employees provide expertise and knowledgeable detail:

Internal and External Bulkhead Emergency Fittings:

These lightings, at usual, portray a polycarbonate visible body and tray which is used to house all the various components. Most of these fittings operate three hours without any main powers. They will also recharge on thier own when the main power in the building has been restored.


Fire Emergency Lighting:

These are the ever s0 most popular signs that you see in many restaurants, pubs, arenas, halls, and many other small and large-sized premises. The illuminated fire exit signs are put into place in order to show individuals where the exit places are if a fire breaks out, be it a real fire, test alarm or false fire event. Fire signage's are different, however all display the same colours and purpose despite some will portray signals to look slightly different in appearance. We can offer bright, illuminated colours and lights to make such important signs so very visible that automatically brings attention to the human eye.


LED Emergency Lighting and LED Downlights:

These boast energy-saved benefits and have increasingly become quite popular over the recent years, to both, install and maintain with little and easy effort by our team. They have also proven happen to be cost-effective by our clients. LED downlights are an alternative which comes with a complete battery package in case the mian and current power is cut off. 1-watt and 3-watt versions are available, producing over 75 lumens of light. We strongly advise that batteries are replaced as soon as they are no longer operating correctly. We provide all sorts of batteies of LED emergency lighting.

We offer maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting. Maintained light fittings operate with a lighting controller (such as a switch) which can be left permanently on during all hours of the day, and can additionally still operate when there is a power cut. Maintained lighting is often used in medium to large-sized premises where groups of individuals meet (such as a cinema room). The lights prevent complete darkness where the emergency lights are designed to operate regardless of any power cut.

Non-maintained emergency lighting will stop illuminating when there is a power cut, as it operates with its main energy supply. These are often powered by a battery usage which will charge on its own.

It is worth knowing that both fittings, maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting require consistent and rigoious testing by a lighting professional to ensure that the safety measurements are carried out securely.


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