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Welcome to EV Fire Alarms. We are here to serve as a highly rewarding and effective business. We specalise in dealing with and installing: fire alarms, CCTV's, intruder alarms, access control, emergency lights and fire extinguishers to you - whether you are a home, small business, organisation or corporation we are here to deal with your queries and perform all your necessities.


About Us

EV Fire Alarms are a professional and accredited provider of the least: fire, intuder and burglar alarms, security cameras, access control systems, emergency lightning as well as fire extinguishers. Our list includes many more services on offer. We additionally safely deal with the installation and maintenance aspects of providing such services onto you.

We are located in Chingford, East London and gladly operate our work all throughout the United Kingdom. Our team has over 20+ years of experience in installing, engineering and maintaining the  services we provide at fairly reasonable prices. We will leave you with peace of mind and not having to worry about the condition of our work - ensuring our duties are completed in tip-top condition is something our highly skilled team takes pride in.


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 We specialise in installing the following:

Security; we are at the forefront of installing equipment that is secure for all applications and services that we offer. We are happy to deal with your query whether it be a small apartment, house or large industrial unit.

Fire; we are pleased to be offering full fire compliance packages to our clients and customers, ensuring you comply with all fire safety requirements. In addition to our many fire services that we offer, fire risk assessments is another one of our specialities that we deal with and offer.

Safety; we are proud to be a thoroughly safe business, where security and safety are the forefront of our business motto - ensuring that you deal with your fires safely and securely. We provide our services and offers to hospitals, nursing homes and serviced living apartments (where we can also install nurse/warden call systems.


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